Alicia Machado

You either love her or hate her but
Alicia Machado un-denying beauty and charisma have all her fans begging for more.

Alicia Machado Miss Univers 1996
Alicia has been the most controversial and popular Miss Universe in the history of the Pageant.  After being crowned Miss Universe 1996, her title was in jeopardy due to a 20-pound weight gain.   She turned it around by shedding the weight fast and recovering her sexy figure.  Since then Alicia has been in and out of the tabloids, and she is known for always denying her romantic celebrity links.



The Controversy
Alicia is the only ex-Miss universe to pose for the Playboy Magazine which she did several times.  However, her most controversial moment happened during her participation in a Spanish Reality show called “La Granja.”  The sexy Latina shocked us with her appearance in the video scandal which features her having a very private moment with another celebrity.

Alicia Machado has made it very clear to the World that she will do as she pleases and that makes her “Muy Caliente.”  We just can’t get enough of this Sex symbol, and Alicia definitely knows how to keep us on our toes.  With her celebrity feud, all her romantic links and her highly search for Alicia Machado Video, is a magnet for the media.

Alicia Machado MQB

Through her 15-year career, Alicia has evolved into an actress, a singer, a business woman, a mother and its recently showed us that she can dance with her current spot in the Spanish reality show “Mira Quien Baila Univision.”

Alicia finished in 3rd place, which was shocking to us because of how well her performance was every week.

Throughout all her success, she has also had many downfalls, from failed relationships, to the Korea comment on her twitter account, to the reality show scandal, her weight gain and weight loss, dealing with bulimia among many other challenges. Alicia has always kept her head held high even during all of her hardships.  She has never let any one of her mistakes beat her down but has actually become stronger and has learned from each of her slipup.


La Madame
She is currently starting in a new series called “La Madame” (the Madame) which is based on a real-life Madame whom caused lots of controversy in the 90s due to the clientele she was providing services for.  This brand new project cotinines to introduce our beauty queen to a whole set of new fans.  Reminding us once again that there is nothing she cannot accomplish.


Alicia Machado 2013
Alicia seems to have been having a great year so far.  From her career staying strong, releasing a new single and finding love in a prince charming by the name of Alberto Quintero, it seems like 2013 went really well for her.  Let’s hope that 2014 continues to bring this Beauty Queen more blessings within her career and love life.

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