Sex Video

Alicia Machado Sex video

  Is the most highly search for, so called, “sex video” in the Latin community.

Some people want to truly believe that our Latin hottie was really in a porn video. But in reality the “sex video” has been much more overrated than it really is. Yes, Alicia is now one of the many other celebrities that have been video taped having sex. But unlike Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson it was not Alicia intention to create a porn video.

Here is the scope on the “sex video” : In 2005, while takin part in the latin Reality show called “La Granja” along with other latin celebrities; She had sex with another show participant, Fernando Acaso. But to make it even more controversal she was supposely engaged to Bob Abreu. Yes, Bob Abreu the baseball player. After the show aired, Bob Abreu ended there engagment and Alicia Machado made a public apology for her behavior.

In an interview with Don Francisco, when asked if she regretted what happend in the video she said no. At the time of the event, her body asked for it. She stated that they were both very much attracted to each other. During the show there were a lot of alcohol and not enough food. So for that moment she actually forgot that she was being filmed.


Although the video has been the most controversial event in her life, Alicia has continue to lift her head up and does not let this video incident be the end of her 10 year career. The video will certainly haunt her for the rest of her life but it definitely has not put a stop to her career as she continues to accomplish all the goals that she has set for herself.