Alicia Machado and Bobby Abreu

Bobby Abreu

It was a fairy tale relationship, the big time baseball player Bobby Abreu with the beauty queen Alicia Machado.  Bobby and Alicia were together for about 2 years and half and were engaged to be married.  Bobby is one of the few men that Alicia has admitted to date and have been opened to having a relationship with.  They seemed extremely happy and devoted to each other.

Was it a Fairytale?
Both successful in their careers.  Bobby is currently a baseball player for the L.A Dodgers and Alicia at that time was a successful Actress and singer.  But then the unthinkable happened. In 2005, Alicia was caught cheating with another celebrity.  Unfortunate it happened on a reality show called the Granja. According to the media, the cheating was caught on video and went viral over night.  Bobby found out about it and had no other choice but to end their relationship and engagement. The people closed to him said that Bobby was destroyed and so sad with the He truly loved her.
After the incident Bobby spoke out about it and said: He never thought that something like that would happen.  While with him she always behaved like a lady.  That his opinion is that perhaps Alicia needs to think before she does things. He also said that their relationship had ended prior to her going to Spain to participate in the show La Granja.

Did She Really Cheat?
Alicia gave an interview to Don Francisco Presenta.  In summary she said that there was a lot of alcohol during the show, she was there for 8 weeks.  There was lots of alcohol and very little food.  During the scene were she was filmed being intimate with another celebrity, she simply forgot that the cameras were there.  She also did say that Bobby and she had ended the relationship prior to her arriving at the reality show. But that she still had a lot of love for him.  And she does apologize if for hurting him.

So although at the time they were not together they still had lot of feeling for each and a possible reconciliation was still open but after the video of Alicia Machado scandal hit viral it destroyed the possibility of them getting back together. see Video Alicia Machado

They both went there separate ways and continued with their careers.  Alicia was involved in another serious relationship and had a baby.  She then parted ways with the father of her daughter.

Alicia Machado and Bobby Abreu Reconciliation?
Then… just when we thought it was over … in april 2010, Alicia comes out in an interview for TVNotas, stating that she and Bobby are back together again.  She stated that they had had a wonderful relationship in the past and that destiny has put them in each other’s lives again.

No Happy Ending!
A day after that interview Bobby Abreu came out denying that there were back together. He stated that he was not sure where this was coming from but that it was all not true.  He says that he is only concentrated in his career at the moment.

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