Miss Universe 1996

Alicia Machado Miss Universe In 1995 Alicia Machado  decided to compete for the Miss Venezuela pageant.  With the hopes of at least being a runner up and getting exposure.  Much to her surprise she won the Miss Venezuela title.

At the age of 18, She went on to compete in the Miss Universe pageant.  Her training for the competition involved a 14 hour preparation schedule.  It included English classes, cat walking, picture posing, oratory, etc.  She was once again shocked to have won the title of the most beautiful women in the world.  Her dream never included winning the Miss Universe Title but to use it as a stepping stone to the Entertainment Industry.

During her Miss Universe reigning she devoted herself to charity work and humanitarian causes.  She even organized a private meeting with the Ernesto Samper who at the time was the president of Columbia.  They discussed the existing conflicts along the border with Venezuela. Although she devoted herself to her work she was getting more public attention due to her weight gain. 

After winning the Miss Universe title Alicia Machado had gained 20 pounds.  The Miss Universe Organization had contemplated taking Alicia’s crown away due to the weight gain.  Miss Universe is define as being perfect and beautiful, the weight gain didn’t make them happy.

Miss Universe 1996
The president of the pageant, Donald Trump, humiliated Alicia Machado by making her workout in front of reporters and photographers.  She hesitated and try to fight it but at the end she did it.  After all she was an employee of the Miss Universe organization.

 It was a very difficult and challenging time for Alicia but all the controversy didn’t damage her image.  Due to all the publicity she became the most famous Miss Universe ever.  After her incredible year as Miss Universe she returned her crown and continued the pursue of her dreams to make it into show business.

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