Ricardo Arjona and Alicia Machado

Ricardo ArjonaIn every interview in which the questions is asked to Alicia Machado, if she had a romantic relationship with Ricardo Ajona? She never answers the question.  She usually says that  she has no comment but will also add that, she respects Ricardo a lot and admires him.

Was Alicia the Cause of Ricardo’s divorce?

According to TvNotas magazine the two had an affair while Ricardo Arjona was still married to his ex wife Leslie Torres. Allegedly the first time they were intimately together it was in 1999 when they first met. His wife forgave the affair and Ricardo stayed away from Alicia. Four years later they reunited and started dating again, it’s said that they spent New Year’s together along with Ricardo’s two kids from Leslie’s marriage. Allegedly the rumor is that the affair led his wife, Leslie, to ask Ricardo for a divorce.

Ricardo Arjona ex wife

Ricardo Arjona ex wife

Ricardo has always denied the affair but like Alicia Machado, Ricardo is extremely private with his personal life.  He has said a few times that there certain events and secrets that only he will know and will take to his grave.

Alicia has not confirmed any of the rumors but has always kept quiet on any of the details.   Alicia acknowledges that she has a friendship and a bond with Ricardo which is their passion for music.  She does not elaborate further than that.

But like every story it has two sides..
The Media wants to portray Alicia Machado has a home wrecker amongst other stuff and they have taken Alicia’s silence to mean that something did really happen, But just as the media is so eager to blame Alicia for Ricardo’s divorce, Leslie speaks out: Leslie Torres gave a statement in regards to the rumors between Alicia and her former husband Ricardo in which she states: If Alicia and Ricardo’s are in fact in a relationship then I wish them lot of happiness.  I ask of her (Alicia) to take care of him and respect him.  And I do not blame her for our separation. The only once responsible for the separation are Ricardo and me. He has a right to make up his life and if it’s true that he is with her than I wish them all the best.

musica de ricardo arjona

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